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Whole Duck Now Available

Lucy here on the actual non- recipe part of the blog. We’re still having some internet issues here on the farm.   The store is open tomorrow 2-6 p.m. & Satuday from 8-5.  Erin & Crystal will be running the store while Dan gives tours. SWMBO & I will be off picking up our kiddos and hosing them down after a full week of sleep away camp.

Ninja Cow Farm has a  wonderful new product in stock. DUCK!!! Seriously, we now have Duck thanks to Blue Whistler Farm over in Bahama, NC.  Blue Whistler is a wife and husband owned 5 acre farm. It may not seem like much land, they work it and are producing some great products.

Last year I was introduced to Amy at Blue Whistler Farm. I followed her for a while,  light facebook stalking in truth. What drew me to her was the amount she loved and cared for her animals while they were on the farm. How she is able to provide with love and care yet realize this is a business and you must follow the rules of it to be successful.

Look at those happy faces!

She has tried several animals on her 5 acre farm.  Amy shares her triumphs and successes along the way. Now we can share her ducks with you. Blue Whistler Ducks are pastured raised, while receiving conventional feed rations.

As you can see though they stay in the pasture not in a closed in cage on a factory farm.  Amy is hoping this winter to bring us Duck by the cut as well. Blue Whistler ducks are currently sold whole in our store for $8.45lb. Drop by and see us for a new flavor on your table.

We have internet, and ribeyes!

Yesterday I picked up a surprise cow from the processor. No, not a surprise to me. A surprise for you, and Lucy. Lucy was complaining that we were running out of everything. Steaks, hamburger, everything beef related. I called the processor and was able to squeeze in an extra slot for this month. Yesterday afternoon I picked up said load of beefy goodness and everyone on the farm worked to get it put away after 5pm.

Ribeye steaks, ready for sale
Ribeye steaks, ready for sale

The end result of all that is we have a freezer full of everything, including ribeye steaks. Two steaks I’m pulling out for my use, because we NEVER get ribeyes, they area always pre-ordered before the cow gets here. The rest of the steaks are in the freezer and first come first serve.

I’m posting this because our regulars know how hard it is to have ribeyes. If you text or call, we can put your name on them and hold them for you to swing by and pick up. Same goes for any of the other cuts that are hard to get. Skirt steak, filet mignon, NY strip, tongue, heart. If you want one, just let us know. We have a bunch of first time customers coming today and I’m sure they’ll buy all the ribeyes not knowing how big of a deal it is to find them in the freezer. I’m happy for anyone to have them, but we want to take care of our regulars first so let me know. My number for text is 919-810-2530 or shoot me an email and

Now, onto the internet. It only took 5 techs, and 8 days, but we have temporary internet hooked up at the farm. In the process we killed two of the three other internet services on the farm for which I felt terrible, but everyone is up and running currently so at least it all worked out. Now that I’m up I can once again get some work done on the computer. Just little stuff like paying my taxes, doing payroll, you know, the optional parts of running a business. My desk looks like a recycling center after a windstorm so I’ll be in the office all day today trying to get a weeks worth of paperwork done in one day. But the good news is I’m right here if you need something.

The girls, chatting and working.
The girls, chatting and working.

The girls will be working today, The Princess, Wildflower, and Crystal all in the store. With fresh beef in the freezer it will be a busy day for them which they really enjoy. Slow boring days are the bane of their existence so feel free to pop in and make their day. Especially after lunch till 4pm. That looks like a slower time according to the schedule.

Our internet is dead, but the store is alive and well.

While working in the shop this past Wednesday, we had a small storm work its way overhead. I didn’t think much of it, because it’s summer time and storms are what you get in the afternoon. There was a rumble here, a boom there, and of course some rain, but nothing major. I did check the radar just to get a look at it, and yes, it was a relatively small storm so no big deal.

But as I was working, I heard a sizzle of electricity and then a boom.

“That’s not good.”

Booms are normal. Sizzles, not so much.

I went to check the computers and other electrical devices and sure enough, the internet was down. After checking everything back to the internet router, I called AT&T and was told they’d have a tech out the next day, between 8 and 12:30. Sigh, I hate windows like this, you can’t do anything, you can’t leave, and of course there is no internet so I can’t get any office work done. About 1pm  our tech showed up and it was a very nice lady and a gentleman who really worked their butts off. They worked all over the farm, trying everything they could, and they even worked in the rain. But at 4:00 pm they informed me the internet was dead and not coming back. The copper wire itself was a goner and would have to be replaced.

This is not good. We are talking about the 2000 feet of copper wire, buried underground.

Not to fear our tech told us, she’d turn this over to the cable group and they’d be out tonight, or at least tomorrow.

So now it’s Friday noon and I’ve heard nothing. I call back to AT&T and I’m told the tech will be here between 4-8pm. Another window of time. About 6:30 a tech shows up.

“Do you have cable?”


“Did you read the ticket entered on Wednesday?”


“Do you know this is a cable problem, not a technical problem?”


The guy was super nice. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a less than excellent AT&T tech. I really enjoy talking to their techs. I used to be in their field and I appreciate the job and the position they are in.

So our new, redundant-to-our-first-tech, tech says he’ll get this routed to the correct group to get the cable installed. He’ll also make sure it goes in as an emergency order since we run not only our house, but our business off of this service. I also wrangled the email address of the manager of this cable department out of him so I could follow up with my own email. All this was done by Friday evening.

Saturday SWMBO and I had to drive to Stanly County to pick up Spork from encampment for the Civil Air Patrol. (Pics in the link for family and friends.) When I returned home, I found that there was no cable being installed and I had a text saying that July 29th would be my install date. What? Half a month to restore service?!! I called AT&T and Muhammad confirmed for me that yes, July 29th was my install date but I was welcome to call again on Monday and talk to someone else.

So… for the next few weeks, or until I can find someone at AT&T who cares, we will be pretty limited on internet posts, responding to emails, etc. I can always visit the neighbors with a laptop but frankly all my paperwork is in my office and moving everything to be able to work is a colossal pain in the posterior. But we’ll do what we have to do, albeit slowly.

If you need me, text me. If you know someone at AT&T who can make things happen, tell me. We WILL be open and have been open in the store. So there are no issues with our retail side. Our iPad has 4G internet service because I’m a belt and suspenders kind of person. It’s just all the boring paperwork and marketing that gets done that will be the issue.

I’m going to go pour myself a drink and get ready for tomorrow. Miguel says it’s going to be crazy on the farm and it’s my day to work. I think I saw a twinkle in his eye when he said it. I’m doomed.

Last day of pork, 20% off

Today is the day that it ends. From now till 5pm, all of our pork (excluding the items below) are on sale for 20% off. After 5pm, it’s over. You need to buy three items for the pork sale to kick in but a Boston butt a pack of breakfast sausage, and a pack of bratwurst for the grill aren’t exactly a stretch for the family.

The girls are working and SWMBO is managing so stop by and see all the ladies and help us clear some room in the freezer.


Hot dogs are here!!

Sophie from Weeping radish with a hotdog delivery
Currently my favorite person on Earth

Oh thank God! I can finally eat real food again. This things-the-wife-hasn’t-poisoned diet has been a bear.  But my savior has arrived. Sophie with The Weeping Radish has shown up with 75 lbs of hot dogs and all is well in the world again. I’ve already squirreled them away in the back freezer as I know we have lots of pre-orders. Then of course SWMBO will get her share. But there should be plenty of hot dogs for all for today and tomorrow. Sophie thinks we’ll see her again next Friday, with Liverwurst, more root beer, and maybe sauerkraut. In the mean time, I know what I’m having to eat as soon as possible.

Weeping Radish Hotdogs, Weeping Radish sauerkraut, and Lusty Monk mustard. Oh, so good!!

We are open from 2-6 today, and from 8-5 tomorrow. Come get your hot dog fix. Just make sure you leave me some.

Hotdogs are coming on Friday (fingers crossed)

I REALLY want to have products in the store that you like. The new hotdogs we started carrying have absolutely been a hit with everyone. So much so that we ran out almost immediately.

I’ve tried to politely nudge our processor, asking if please, PLEASE, PLEASE! can we have some hotdogs? Just a few packs, anything?! But despite my gentle prodding, we haven’t been able to get our hotdogs which have been on order for over a month. I’m not upset with them, this is just a matter of learning their cycle and planning for it. I worked in a business where we had to commit to our orders, in a VERY cyclical industry, nine months in advance. These were non-cancellable and totaled in the millions. I understand lead times.

However Saturday I received no less than 6 personal requests for hotdogs from customers. Some were phone calls from customers asking if they were back in. Some were texts. Some were people in the store. The 7th request was from Lucy. The 8th was from SWMBO herself.

Now I love my customers. I hate saying no to them. It breaks my heart. It breaks my wallet. But I’m not afraid of my customers. SWMBO? That’s a different story.

Kathy Bates with knife
This isn’t actually my darling Mrs. But….

SWMBO REALLY likes the hot dogs. As do the kids. In fact, of our initial order, I think she used half of it. As soon as she started raving about how awesome they were, I sent another hog to the butcher. When they didn’t show for a couple of weeks and she gently prompted that she’d prefer it if I produced some hotdogs, like right now, I sent another two whole hogs to the butcher (that’s about 800 lbs of meat just for hotdogs).

Now she’s at the point of politely expressing her displeasure in my inability to manage the flow of hotdogs. That maybe I should take this farming thing, and the whole providing food for the family thing, a little more seriously.

I sent another whole hog to the processor, just for hotdogs.

Still none have arrived. She may have suggested that I should plan better if I knew what was good for me. Or maybe I should drive to the outer banks and pick up some hot dogs personally. You know, do something to solve this problem, like NOW!

“You know Honey, it would have been smart to have hot dogs for the 4th of July. Hot dogs and the 4th go together.”

That’s special marriage code words for, you’ve really screwed up, and you should expect your imminent demise at any point. 

So I’ll be going on a special diet of Things-I-know-she-cannot-have-poisoned. It’s all the rage with people trying to stay alive till the hot dogs show up on Friday. You’ll probably hear about it trending on Twitter.

For those of you not at the beach, we’ve finally heard back from the processor and they think they will have hotdogs for us on Friday. “There is a strong chance it will be Friday” they said. If not, you’ll find me in my office, sleeping on the couch and eating saltines.

But rest assured, if they show up Friday morning, you all will be the second to know.

Happy 4th of July!

Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday and helped us with our pork sale. We had a GREAT day. The girls had their tongues hanging out by the end of the day and SWMBO went to bed before the sun went down. We will continue our sale through to this coming weekend, then evaluate what we’ll do next. Maybe continue, maybe switch it up. You never know.

We are normally closed on Monday and Tuesday anyway, but this was too good not to share. Happy Independence day everyone!