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Breaking in a new knife, and a new man

Thanks to the generosity of one of my employees, we were able to get two deer this year, field dressed and delivered to the cooler. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Also for Christmas Spork received a knife that I had made for him. He has been awful proud of wearing a knife and has been itching to have something to cut. Its a big moment in a boys life when he is responsible enough to have a real knife and Spork is justifiably proud. With two deer on the hook, he had just the opportunity to try out the new blade. There was much discussion between he and I as we worked on skinning the first deer. You see at 9 he has never skinned a deer, or even been close to one. A cow, yes. He’s even skinned a pig, but never a deer. So we spent some quality father son time over the deer and he worked his side like a champ. He was truly a joy to work with, and I told him so. He even managed not to throw up, which was in question there off and on. Overall I was tickled we were able to share this experience and look forward to doing it again when its time to butcher the deer next weekend. It will be good to have some deer sausage because SWMBO informs me that we are running low on ground pork. These hams aren’t going to be done soon enough!

Working with the Princess

Today I am working for The Princess on a school project. We are building the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the ancient wonders of the world. We are doing it to scale so no big framing work today however we had to make an ancient water lift system to pump the water to the plants.

While this is a collaborative effort, The Princess handles all the critical jobs and design efforts. She is also in charge of all the math. I provide dumb labor and hit things with hammers.

The Princess is in charge of MIG welding while I have to handle TIG. At 7 she is not quite ready for TIG yet.

After a few hours of work, we did have to take a break to feed the pigs. Tomatoes, baby carrots, and bananas. Not a bad breakfast if you are a pig.

We will work the rest of the day on the gardens, then tonight we will be processing 4 deer that are showing up. A gift from a friend at the end of deer season. Looks like the room we made in the freezer lately from pork is getting replaced by venison. Spork and The Princess will of course be in the thick of any meat processing, as always.

Site stats for the first year


So apparently there is an end of year report on WordPress for how your blog is doing. Being a masochist, or is that sadist, I can never remember which it is I figured I’d go through and see what’s going on.  If you are interested, you can see the report here.

Who is I need to know something with that cool of a website.

Of course, as a fan of I was immediately reminded of the demotivational poster pictured above while reading the report. However, I intended to post a post every day, 7 days a week for the time I was blogging. Some days I don’t get one in but some days I post two so with 160 posts in part of 2013 overall I met my goal. I also have the best journal of farming I’ve ever kept, which isn’t saying much since I rarely keep records.

Overall it’s been a good 2013 and I hope to continue the blog into 2014. In the meantime, I do hope it helps some of you if for nothing else than amusement.

Ham update

Today we resalted the hams and put them back in the cooler for their time till its smoking time. We continue to pour off lots of liquid and the hams are looking like they are on their way.

The inmates did a good job and got everything salted and rotated. Unfortunately inmate Brian has some sort of crud like I do. My Ebola has progressed into pneumonia so I still am not getting too much done, which is very frustrating. I keep saying that maybe tomorrow I will feel better. Tomorrow will come, right?

And to think

A few months ago I was worried what we were going to do for pig food for the winter. I don’t feed corn to my pigs unless it’s still in the husk(I.e. Fresh). They only get fresh vegetables and table scraps. The problem was that with winter coming the fresh veggies were drying up.

Enter the Mexican farmers market. They bring fresh veggies from Florida weekly and sell year around. We have gone from famine to feast with our food supply but today jumped to a whole other level. Here is what we picked up, just today from one vendor.

I had to shoot it in panorama just to get it to fit in the screen. That’s a trailer full and a DUMP TRUCK full of food, well above the sideboards for both. In 24 hours we picked up about 11 pallets of food. At about 1000 pounds per pallet that’s an amazing amount of food for the cost of gas. Of course our pigs cannot begin to keep up so the cows are getting all they can eat as well and they are loving it. What they don’t eat the trample into the ground and the ground loves it as well. We are feeding on our worst pasture so hopefully next year we will see some marked improvement.

In case you are wondering, we handle the food on both ends with forklifts so the labor isn’t that bad although it will take at least an hour just to burn all the cardboard boxes tomorrow.

More on corn subsidies

I try not to be political on this site, at least as far as taking sides in the R vs D perennial debate. As far as I’m concerned, one is bad, and the other is worse. However spending tax dollars to artificially change the market for food has an effect on us all so I’m putting a bit more out there. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled fuzzy animal pics shortly.

In the post I put out a few days ago about cheap food and subsidies I stated that other real reporters would and do perform the work to back up some of my assertions with fact and statistics. My darling SWMBO was kind enough to send me another article with just what I was referencing. You can read about the details here. This is part of the alternative media so the slant is a little different than CBS. As with any news source, fact check what you read.