Pork Osso Bucco Ragout

Last week left me without much time to cook. Due to Hurricane Matthew most meals were eaten at friends houses or out. Then the end of the week was so busy with obligations that dinner was out once again.  Now the evenings are longer and cooking is something I want to fill our home as well as our stomachs.

NCF carries pork osso bucco for $4.50 lb. Osso bucco comes in all sizes, from small to large. Personally I prefer the smaller more delicate cuts.They take less time to cook and are very flavorful. Fortunately we carry all sizes in the store.  The tomatoes, potatoes and sage came from the NCF garden making this a fairly inexpensive dinner for our family. Ragout is a french stew of vegetables usually served with meat.  I served the Ragout on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes although rice polenta or noodles would serve wonderfully.



Meatballs for all!

My meatballs are not the typical meatballs that you see on the websites. NCF does not carry veal. And no matter how much I petition Dan for Rose Veal he still says “No”. So I need a good substitute. LAMB to the rescue, now this we do carry. And even those like my sister who hate the taste of Lamb will go “Wow, this is so good”. In this little loves story we will use ground Lamb, Pork, and Beef. If you would like a beefier flavor the NCF store does carry Ground Chuck $11 lb.This recipe is going to make somewhere around 60-65 meatballs. Needless to say even after feeding 5 adults, 2 kids, and a baby.

I still have enough left over for meatballs subs & another pot of marinara. The NCF Store prices are

  • Ground Pork $ 6.50 lb
  • Ground Beef $9 lb
  • Ground Lamb $10lb

This does sound a bit pricey I know but when you consider the amount of meatballs & the freezer dinner pleaser ahead it is worth it. The other ingredients are not as pricey. You should be able to make the meatballs for under $30. At an average of 4 per person per meal a family of 4 should get 3-4 meals. And you can serve these just about any way you want, as subs, with mushroom gravy on rice, with marinara & pasta, or plain.