We currently have chicken in stock. We purchase our chicken from a farmer friend of ours who raises chickens the way we would. He has a 50 acre farm near the VA border and he and his beautiful family raise great looking birds.

Chickens on pasture in Joel Salatin style chicken tractors
Chickens on pasture in Joel Salatin style chicken tractors

They are on fresh grass every day in Salatin style chicken tractors. Besides the fresh grass and bugs and whatnot, the chickens receive certified Organic, non-GMO, non-soy feed. They are processed on farm and we pick the birds up ourselves directly from the family.

We stock whole chickens and packs of parts. All are routinely kept in stock.

Eggs 4.25 per dozen

Whole Birds
Whole chicken $4.50 per lb
Whole – cut up $6.50 per lb

White meat
Boneless skinless breasts $12.00 per lb
Split breasts $10.00 per lb

Dark meat
Quarters $5.00 per lb
Drumsticks $6.50 per lb
Chicken tenders $10.00 per lb
Thighs $6.50 per lb
Wings $5.00 per lb
Backs and necks $3.00 per lb (special order)

The other bits
Feet $2.50
Chicken livers $3.00 per lb
Gizzards $3.00 per lb
Hearts $2.80 per lb

We also have other types of fowl – special order

Quail $8.70 per lb
Pheasant $12.00 per lb

15 Replies to “Chicken”

  1. 1. Is all of your chicken non-GMO and non-Soy and only naturally fed?

    2. Eggs – On an average, how fresh are they (from produced to sell-date)?

  2. Hi Dan ! karen the Oxtail Lady here. Do your split chicken breast have the skin and bones still on ’em, in ’em? (I sure hope so – – that’s wherr the flavor and nutrients comes from.)

  3. Do you accept food stamps as payment? Do you deliver to Durham, NC? Do you have a list of items and prices of all the products you sell on your website?

    1. We are not currently set up for payment with food stamps. We also do not deliver to Durham as it is too far for us. What we sell is listed on the multiple pages under the link at the top of the page labeled “Buy Meat.” Under that link, there are links to Beef, Chicken, Pork, etc.

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