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Is it your first time here? Read our Frequently Asked Questions before you come.

In order to show available times below, you need to first click the type of appointment, then on the date on the calendar. Then available times will be shown in the drop down.

If the calendar day is grey, or no times appear, that means that all available times that day are already booked, or we are booked with something else like working cattle or transporting pigs and are closed to outside guests that day. If you are confused about what is going on, scroll to the bottom of this page and you can see the calendar and all the current bookings.

On weekdays, I generally block my mornings so I can do farm work but if you need to come on a day when the schedule is blocked, text me per the below info and I’ll try to work you in.

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Update 6-20-16

We are simplifying the booking process. You no longer pick who you are coming to see. Simply select the day you want to come, and the type of appointment (shopping only or tour and shopping) and the logic of the scheduling app will pick the person you are coming to see and book your appointment. It will also block tours for most days except Saturdays.

If you need to see Dan specifically, then contact him per the below to set something up directly.

If you have any trouble, just email Dan at or call/text at 919-810-2530.

Need to reschedule an appointment?

The easiest way is to follow the link from your confirmation email. If not, click here. 

Need to cancel an appointment?

Click here. 

Here is the current calendar for Dan and for the farm. This is live so if you are trying to find an open time, you can see everything below.

25 thoughts on “Schedule a visit”

  1. Do I have to have an appointment if I’m just going to pick out meat? I have a groupon coupon? Thank you!

  2. Hi Dan! I wanted to see if you had a 2XL in your T-shirts? The one with the Ninja Cow on the front. 🙂 My mechanic here at work slides in on us quiet like a Ninja and that would be perfect for him, also good advertising for you guys! 🙂
    Also dropping in to get some more delicious chicken from you and to say hi. 🙂

  3. I tried to schedule a visit on Febuary 6 at 12:05. I have a very limited schedule. Would it be possible to join a group?

    Thank you, Jessie

    1. If I have a Groupon for a tour, will the Groupon cover me and my home-schooled grandson, or would I need to pay $20 for him to accompany me?

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