10 surprising foods that boost fertility

Bacon! Is there anything it doesn't improve?
Bacon! Is there anything it doesn’t improve?

SWMBO sent me this the other day. She thought it might make good fodder for a blog post. I’m always wary of any top 10 list on any major news site but then this one starts out with bacon! Anything that starts with bacon has to be good.

Items one through four are items we use all the time here on the farm, and have available for you to buy from us.  Are we trying to increase fertility here? I certainly didn’t think so but apparently one of the kids asked for a little brother the other day. A little brother?!! Yikes! I think the old folks in the house are past that phase of life. If we need a little brother, I’ll rent one.

Note that for all the items listed like eggs, beef, liver, etc, they are all recommend to be real food, raised on real farms instead of factory farms. There are real differences between corn-fed animals and grass-fed animals. Differences that you can taste and differences in the health profile. Fertility is natures measure of your overall health and environment. If one cow here or there doesn’t breed back, it’s an issue with that cow. If it’s more wide spread, it’s an indication that you have a management problem. Either way, nature is saying, whoa, you’ve got a problem here that needs to be addressed before we start adding more stress with a  calf. This is cow breeding and management 101.

Not to compare humans to cows, but I’m a cow farmer. Everything compares to cows in my world. If you are stressed (work, life, in-laws, bills), with a poor diet (fast food, processed food, skipping meals, incomplete nutrition), nature doesn’t want to add new stress to you as well. Eating a proper diet of farm raised healthy products can help, as can spending some time out in the green grass seeing where your food comes from. Also, from personal experience I can say that red wine causes children (3 for 3 on that one!).

We also offer a baby getter-outter service 9 months later which involves bumpy rides in the Gator. We have satisfied customers on that one as well. 🙂

Nearly all of our customers are already parents as feeding their kids a better diet is a primary driver for them. However, we’ve all known people who have struggled with having kids and how heart breaking it is. If a change of diet can help, and you can have eggs and bacon while doing it, then this should be good news for them. Feel free to share this with someone you love and let’s see if we can help them.

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