#12 has a new calf, #64

Just born baby calf with ear tag
#64, tagged, banded, and none the worse for wear.

This little calf was only a few hours old when this picture was taken on November 21st.

He was born to #12 who is one of our long time moms here on the farm. She is a great mom and always raising nice kids. She was a little late this time as her last calf, #44, was born in August of last year. Her calf before that was born in February of the previous year. It looks like it’s taking her a few tries to get pregnant each year which may mean it is time to retire her and bring in a replacement mom.

Cow with her new born calf
#12 with #64. She is a good mom when she does have a calf.

We will see. We aren’t exactly high production around here so as long as she can get pregnant I think she can stay. At least until some of our replacement heifers get bigger than they are now.

Momma cow with new calf
Everybody hanging out together

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