#25 has a bull calf, #56

Normally when our cows have calves, they always have them at night or when we are not around. We go out to check on the cows and viola! There is a new calf. Today, #25 decided to have her calf right when we were there.

Cow having a calf
Cow #25 having her calf.

While it was nice of her to have her calf with us around, our actual involvement wasn’t any different. Make sure the calf is ok, is nursing, has been tagged and banded, and that is it.

#25 has been pregnant for what seems like forever and if you’ve been on a tour in the past few months, I’ve pointed her out as being huge and overdue. She wasn’t really overdue, we just didn’t know what her due date was and she was HUGE so we figured she was due any time now, for a couple of months. I’m glad she finally had her calf and that everything is ok.

Brand new bull calf, still wet.
#25s new little calf, just born.


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