#38, one of our last Ninja moms, has a Ninja calf, #52

Yesterday I had to be in Fayetteville most of the day. Of course, all the fun happens when you are not there. Miguel went to check on the cows yesterday over at the neighbors and look what he found when he was checking.

#52, a little girl, born yesterday.
#52, a little girl, born yesterday.

You can see the patch of the belt from the belted Galloway heritage on this calf. We won’t be keeping any of the belted cows going forward so this little girl will be going to market once she’s old enough, most likely along with her mother. Belted cows don’t bring any money at the market so maybe I’ll sell them both on Craigslist instead. I have a few months to decide. Either way I know they won’t be staying here as momma has been a little crazy during her pregnancy. Although that’s not completely uncommon for pregnant moms anyway.

What’s that dear?

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve been corrected. Pregnant mom’s are never crazy and have a glow about them that is beautiful.”

Now put the gun down honey. You look beautiful today. I love what you did with your hair. Ok, love you too.

Thank goodness I never load her gun.

So anyway, this little calf was born SKINNY. Like supermodel skinny.

Skinny little calf
Skinny little calf

Otherwise she was completely healthy. That’s the mom in the back ground with the full belt of white. As you can see, she is plenty fat and healthy, so for whatever reason this little calf was skinny but it won’t last long as she’s nursing big time. In a few weeks this little calf will be plump and the momma will be drawn down a bit. We usually have a bait of calves here in spring, then another batch in June/July. We don’t breed the cows ourselves and set a time for breeding but rather let the cows work it out for themselves. It’s funny how by and large they nearly all breed back for spring/summer calving if left alone.

I love calving. They little calves are so cute, the grass is green, and it’s the most tangible sign of life on the farm we have. I just wish I had been here yesterday to be part of it. Oh well, there are lots more round mommas (who are glowing!) out in the pasture getting ready to drop.

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