#49 has a new calf, #79

#79, born to #49
Sleeping after getting checked over and ear tagged

While we were gone, Miguel emailed me to let me know that we had a new calf. Normally I’d have put something this cute up immediately after coming home, but I’ve spent my time instead trying to figure out why this picture wouldn’t upload in WordPress. After spending way too much reading the interwebs and finding out everyone else was having the same problem, someone suggested that the color palate of his picture was set to CMYK and he changed it to RGB and it worked. Hmm, this is suggestion 307 in my search but it’s much easier than some of the coding options suggested, at least for me. If I blow up the picture, no problem. If I blow up the website, PROBLEM!

So I hunter in Acorn (my photo editing program) till I found the color thingy. Turned out it was already RGB. Sigh. But it’s some kind of weird RGB with lots of extra numbers in the name. No idea what that is. After poking around a bit, there is a generic RGB option. Click RGB, click save, click export, click upload, BAM!! It worked!! It only took me three days to upload one picture. Argh!

But it is a cute picture.

Oh, and she’s a little girl.

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