500+ posts on Ninja Cow Farm

Screenshot of WordPress admin page
Wow that’s a lot of blabbering

Whenever I sit down at the computer I generally check WordPress, Quickbooks online, Square, Outlook 365, and Mint. That let’s me see marketing and animal records, financials and billing, credit card processing, communications and reminders, and budgeting all in one place. These all stay up on my computer most of the time. Also all these programs are running remotely from the web which is nice because all this information is available whichever computer or device I am using. Since I have a laptop at home, and an office computer, it’s really handy to be able to manage seamlessly between devices.

Today I was surprised to see that we have surpassed 500 posts on Ninja Cow Farm’s website.┬áPreviously we celebrated 400 posts which I thought was a lot. That was only in September of last year or less than 5 months ago. That’s a lot of posts considering I was in the middle of selling my company at that time and wasn’t farming full time then. I guess that means we’ll be at 750 this coming year then which sounds crazy considering it seemed we were at zero just a blink of an eye ago.

The number doesn’t really matter, the content and the connection with each of you does. However big round numbers are too hard to resist making special. If anything, I should shorten my posts and post more frequently but lately I haven’t had time to do the extra work and break posts into shorter snippets. Maybe things will free up as I settle in farming full time. Although I looked at my schedule this week and right now I only have one day free to do anything not already scheduled. Where do my weeks go?!

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