#6, Sprinkles, had a new calf, #46.

Baby angus calf, #46, and mother, #6
#6 has a little calf, #46.

When Justin and I went to move the cows this morning, we found a new little calf roaming around the paddock. She was already up and moving, dry and nursing so she must have been born late in the afternoon or during the night.

Baby calf, #46.
Up close and personal with #46. Prior to getting her ear tag.
Baby calf, just born.
#46 getting a break from all the cows pushing and shoving, and instead coming over to help us feed.

New born calves are so cute. They bumble around and let pretty much anyone pet them. At least for the first day after they are born. That’s why we make sure to get out there immediately and get an ear tag and a band on them if they are a boy. We hadn’t made it to the barn to get an ear tag yet to tag this new little girl, but while we were feeding she decided to come over and check out the truck. I had plenty of opportunity to pet her and give her a good rub. She’s cute and will be one of our momma cows in the future.

#46, new baby calf.
#46, now officially numbered with her new earring.
Baby calf and mother.
Mom checking out her daughter after we’d put the ear tag in. 

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