#65 has a new calf, #70

Today we had a surprise in the pasture.

Cow with new calf
Mom and daughter, first thing this morning

#65 had her first calf this morning. A cute little girl who received an ear tag of #70. Vicente found her when he was moving the cows and after Miguel letting me know I popped down there to get an ear tag in her. We were sure if she was born Sunday afternoon or Monday morning but when I walked up to her, it was obvious she’d just been born. Her umbilical cord was still pink and fresh, not even beginning to dry up. She also had no fight or flight in her, she just hung out and let me check her over and pop in a quick ear tag. Mom was right there making sure she was ok, of course.

new calf in the grass
#70, just born on Memorial day.

Happy Memorial day, little cow. Welcome to the farm.

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