#9 heads back to the pasture and an update on #32, Boyd

Today we brought #9 out of the barn and put her back in the head gate so we could remove the trocar. While we had her we put some surfactant in her rumen just to be safe and then we released her back into the wild. Well as wild as it can be in the paddock with everyone else. She was glad to get back with the herd and didn’t seem to miss the spa treatment at all. #9 will be joining #40, #28, and #15 who will be culled this year. It’s time for culling as there is no need to keep cows we know we won’t keep over winter. The hay is just too expensive for no gain.

Not everyone is going away though. Boyd, our little bull born this winter is growing like a weed. He is already showing some pretty amazing muscle definition for a little calf. You can see who is daddy is and that he’s going to be a chip off of the old block. It’ll be neat to watch him grow up and see how he turns out.

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#32 #boyd #benjamin father and son side by side.

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Father and son, Boyd and Benjamin. Boyd doesn’t look like any of the other calves at this point. His rump is much rounder and more defined, like his fathers. He also has definition in his thighs unlike the other calves. Wildflower wanted to keep him as a bull. Looks like she has a good eye for these things.

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