A hard working boy

On Sundays Spork and I have the farm to ourselves. Both Miguel and Vicente have the day off so we do all the farm work that normally these guys do, or at lest our version of it. Sunday is our lightest day on the farm so it’s not nearly as much as a normal day but it’s a chance for Spork and I to spend the day together working. Spork always jumps right up with me and is ready to work, however by the end of the day, he’s dragging a bit. At 11 years old, I know he’s getting to the end of the time where I can outdo him and soon I’ll be looking up at him and asking him to slow down a bit for his old man. But right now, I’ve still got him.

Boy drinking coconut milk
Spork, taking a break

The picture above was yesterday. We’d worked most of the day and Spork had been there with me the whole way through. His rear end was getting pretty close to the ground so I gave him a few minutes to catch his breath. Being industrious, he found a coconut in the food we hadn’t fed and had me open it. Here he is taking 5 and chugging some sweet coconut milk during his break like it’s completely normal, which on our farm, it is.

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