A merry chase

Today, while moving and watering the cows, I made a mistake. I thought we had back fenced the cows into their new paddock. Thinking the cows were safely in their new paddock I went to work on their waterer which was leaking, which required me opening the pasture gate.

Then, Brian pointed out that the hot wire had no juice, none. So off we went to discover the source of the problem. After 15 minutes of fencing checks, we came back to the paddock where the cows were. Were, as in used to be, is the key word as they had disappeared. Off we went to discover their whereabouts and shortly we discovered the cows in the woods behind the wood boiler. The cows were having a merry time, crashing through the trees, eating anything that looked good, etc. They very much looked like a group of sailors just hitting port.

Brian took the gator and I went on foot with a stick I found to use to herd the cows. We chased until reaching the neighbors house, where we were able to turn the cows around and herd them back to the barn. 15 minutes and a few bad words later we had them at least in the barn yard. Phew! Crisis averted.

Just another day on the farm.