A new cow

Today we had our first milking from our new milk cow. Despite the black coat, she is another Jersey. Here you can see the last milking being done at the previous owners place. This is the same guy, Mike, who we bought Maggie from. This was his last milk cow and as you can see by his 5 year old son sitting atop her, she is another gentle cow.

Here is another shot of her previous situation. She was a little fussy over the new people being involved but overall she seems to be a good cow.

Luckily Mike is just down the road on Penny Road so it was only a 15 minute ride home for our new cow. She is already bred back to an Angus so she shouldn’t get too much attention from Benjamin. Plus she has been bull bred rather than AI so she more used to a bulls attention. She is 3 years old so hopefully we should have many years together Lord willing.

This morning milking in our milking parlor. Just a few minutes work and she went right into the gate. All things considered milking went well and the reports on the milk quality range from “Fantastic!” to “Mmm that’s like drinking ice cream.”

We have yet to name this cow. I have heard a few suggestions go by, Dottie and Dolly being two suggestions. We’ll have to have a quorum and decide on a final name. I actually like Dottie of the suggestions so far. I am sure that there will be a name soon.

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