A new tone for our blog posts

I make an effort to post every day. Mainly because this is my farming and grazing journal and as odd as it may seem this is a large part of my records for the farm. That fact that I share it with all of you is sort of an aside. For anyone who is new, you’ll note if you scroll back far enough that I’ve only been doing this since this spring. Well now we are coming into winter and I’m running into a new problem I hadn’t foreseen.

Normally when I go out in the morning I move the cows, the chickens, collect the eggs, and somewhere along the way I take a picture of something I need to record. A new calf like yesterday, the grass height and condition, etc. So my post each morning is something like this.

Blah blah blah, cows, blah blah blah, grass. Post a pic.

20130919-073016.jpgThe problem I have now is that it’s not light until after 7am and it’s darker every day. We aren’t milking yet where the cow is inside the barn where there is light. So I’m left with a post like this.

Blah blah blah, black cow this morning.


As you can see, a black cow looking at you in the black of night isn’t the most interesting picture in the world. I’ve therefor been stretching out to create some decent content, and hoping that in the evenings or during the weekend I’ll get some good pics for everyone to share the following week. As you saw, last weekend I was sailing so that didn’t work out.

The point of all this is that the quality of my pictures may be going down over the winter. Winter is a slower time on the farm so it may slow down a bit here as well. Of course, I still owe you a layout of our wood boiler system and I’ll be getting into the shop and tinkering soon so that will lead to some pic worthy projects. In the mean time, expect more off topic posts till I have something farm worthy to ramble on about.



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