A sign of summer?

We get produce year round. In the winter, we get just barely enough. In the summer, we get inundated. Today, the first warm day we’ve had in forever, we got this.

That’s 1/2 of what we are getting today! There are 8 pallets of grapes in this load and that’s only half of this load! Anyone want grape juice?

A huge load of produce
The other 1/2 of the load. This one weighed more than the first one.

In total, we picked up 32 pallets of food in one day, most of them 8 feet tall! That’s one and one half tractor trailer loads! I can’t even begin to estimate the amount of weight we hauled. The lettuce was all the farm tractor could hold, and the avocados were heavier than I could pick up. I had to change to the skid steer to pick them up.

There will be some full bellies on the farm tonight.

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