A visit to the dairy

I had occasion to drive down to Simply Natural Creamery last week to pick up my weekly order. Normally our chicken farmer brings my order when she comes this way or when we meet half way but this time I went all the way to the mother ship! I’ve been to the website, I know the family, I’ve been to the Facebook page. But I’ve never actually been on site at the creamery. The pictures do not do it justice! The creamery itself is a sparkling new building, with an awesome sales area right out front.

Ice cream parlor, on farm.
The ice cream parlor and retail section of the creamery

I made the mistake of not taking enough pictures while I was there. Just to the left in this picture is a huge glass wall. Behind that wall is the creamery itself where all the milk is handled. You can sit in the ice cream parlor with your cone of awesome ice cream and watch them work the milk and do their magic. Sadly, I was drifting towards the ice cream instead of thinking, looking to get a few scoops for the ride home. It’s not my fault. They make their own waffle cones there and they whole place smelled like waffle cones!

The front of the building has a playground and room for kids to run around. The parking lot was pristine and everything was like a shiny new penny. It was very impressive.

Display refrigerator with dairy products
The display case for refrigerated products.

While I was there I got a tour of the back of the place, where all the ice cream is, looked around at the retail stuff, and then it was time to get my load (and my two scoops of mint chocolate chip!) on the truck and get out of there. I still had other farmers to meet and needed to get back to my farm to meet customers, after unloading and putting everything away of course.

Just another day on the farm.

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