Afternoon treat


Yesterday the cows were on a sliver of a paddock that had pretty thin grass to boot. Inmate John had rightfully suggested I take a look and maybe move the cows early. He was right. Here they are onto their new grass. They were most pleased and went straight to work. I am really looking forward to when we can move the cows more than once per day. They really go to town on new grass.

Miguel has been doing some reconnoitering for me and has turned me onto another market for produce. This time at the Latin market. I am slowly working my way to Rednexican but my Spanish was woefully inadequate for this trip. Fortunately Miguel met me after work and he charmed El Jeffe of the market into letting us have an entire pallet of food with promises of more to come. And some apples and pineapple for the kids. And a lead on a tractor rental. I had to get Miguel out of there before he owned the stand. He is a charmer.

So this solves our dilemma of how to feed this winter since the regular market has shut down. The Latin market is open all winter so we should have a steady supply of fresh food for the piggies and the cows.

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