An interesting couple of days on and off the farm, part 4

Once we were done with the cowy goodness of yesterday morning, SWMBO and I took off to run errands together. The kids are all at camp this week and we have the house to ourselves. We both had things we needed to do which were mainly close to one another so we elected to pretend we were in our 20s again and do our errands together. One of the errands was to go to Justice building downtown and get’s Spork’s birth certificate. It’s a fairly painless process, after getting through security with a pocket knife that I always have on me. Luckily it was under the limit of what is allowed so we all made it in. Birth certificate in hand (sadly it doesn’t actually say Spork on it) we were walking back out of the building when this couple with unusual accents stops us. “Sir I’m sure you are really busy.” Last time I was at court I had people coming up to me trying to borrow money, borrow my phone, ask me legal questions because they thought I was a lawyer, etc, etc. I’m not inclined to be approached in the courthouse. I immediately give my leave me alone vibe and answer, “Yes I am.”

“But we are trying to get married and we need two witnesses.”

Did he say married? Yep. Holy cow! That’s neat. A quick consult with SWMBO and we hop on the elevator to ride to the 9th floor. Turns out they are both from Brazil and are leaving the country this weekend. They need to get married before they leave and the two witness thing has stopped them cold.

Wedding at the justice of the peace
The wedding in progress

So we entered a courtroom where a magistrate was waiting to perform the deed. He was very nice and they were very nice, and we were witnesses to people we didn’t know.

It was a nice ceremony and we walked out holding hands remembering what it was like to get married. They didn’t want a video they said, but I’m married to Crazy Picture Lady, I know better. Sorry it’s in low res, I couldn’t get the high res version to upload this morning. We hope they have a wonderful life together and I’m glad they approached us, because it was the highlight of our day.

It’s been an interesting couple of days. I can hardly wait to find out what is next.

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