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A few months ago I was worried what we were going to do for pig food for the winter. I don’t feed corn to my pigs unless it’s still in the husk(I.e. Fresh). They only get fresh vegetables and table scraps. The problem was that with winter coming the fresh veggies were drying up.

Enter the Mexican farmers market. They bring fresh veggies from Florida weekly and sell year around. We have gone from famine to feast with our food supply but today jumped to a whole other level. Here is what we picked up, just today from one vendor.

I had to shoot it in panorama just to get it to fit in the screen. That’s a trailer full and a DUMP TRUCK full of food, well above the sideboards for both. In 24 hours we picked up about 11 pallets of food. At about 1000 pounds per pallet that’s an amazing amount of food for the cost of gas. Of course our pigs cannot begin to keep up so the cows are getting all they can eat as well and they are loving it. What they don’t eat the trample into the ground and the ground loves it as well. We are feeding on our worst pasture so hopefully next year we will see some marked improvement.

In case you are wondering, we handle the food on both ends with forklifts so the labor isn’t that bad although it will take at least an hour just to burn all the cardboard boxes tomorrow.

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