Another cow escape, part 2

So with this cow walking up and down the fence, I figured the only thing to do was to take a section of fence down and give her a hole to walk through. Fortunately, part of the fencing was board fence so with the right tools, it’s not too bad to disassemble and reassemble.

I left Spork to keep an eye on the cow and high tailed it back to the farm to grab hammer, nails, crow bar, and the nail puller. When I got back, the cow was still pacing. We had about 1.5 minutes on each lap of the pacing so I immediately went to work on pulling boards, trying to open a hole before she got back. I’d made it about 50% of the way when she showed back up. Before she got remotely close she decided she didn’t like what we were doing and turned and headed off through the neighbors back yard and towards Old Stage Road, about a mile away.

Spork and I took off to head her off, which she took as a sign that she should run instead of walk. With Spork running I jumped in the truck and speed backed (with a trailer) down the curvy dirt road. I met up with Spork and the cow as we entered Percy Johnson’s property. You may remember Percy, his farm played a role in the original Ninja Cow story.¬†We walked the cow around, in and out of his paddocks till the cow noticed the horses in one area. She thought maybe they would be friendly so she headed over to them.

Cow on the run, horses looking on.
Our errant cow finally stops for a second. The only picture we got of this adventure.

That gave us a chance to finally get her turned back around and walking back towards the original paddock. With some encouragement, we finally got her back to pacing the paddock, trying to find a way in again. I went back to tearing off boards as fast as I could and after her walking a couple more laps, I had a hole big enough for her to walk through, which on the next lap, she did. Phew!

However, that wasn’t the end of the story, unfortunately. But that will be for the next post.

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