Another spring calf

Dottie, our milk cow, was supposed to be dried off and beginning to eat for herself. Of course she went out and adopted a greedy bull calf who is too large to be nursing anyway. So we put her in isolation where she could dry off. Unfortunately cows are herd animals and she was none too pleased to be in a pasture by herself so I put a friend in there with her, #9 a young heifer. Dottie then calmed down and commenced to eating for all she was worth. Problem solved.

Then Friday I discover this.


Yep, I needed #9 to hang out one week while Dottie dried off so she took the opportunity to give us a cute little heifer calf instead. Now I am watching Dottie to make sure she doesn’t adopt this one too.

This is a few hours after this calf was born. She was still wet.


This is on Sunday when I checked on her. This is another calf off of Benjamin so this one is a keeper. That means she needs a name. Any thoughts?

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