Anybody need a ham?

Normally when I have someone email me with a product they are looking for, I will print the email and treat it as a picking ticket. I take the printed email, pull all the cuts they are looking for, bag the cuts and the email together, and put the whole thing in another freezer to ¬†hold for them until they arrive. That way, if I’m looking a week later at a big of random cuts, I have who it’s for right there in the bag.

About a month ago a nice lady contacted me and asked if I could get her a whole ham. “Sure, no problem. Next time I take a pig to be processed.”

I didn’t print the email because I hadn’t pulled the cut yet. Now I’m looking at a shelf occupied by this ham and I for the life of me cannot find the email to recall who it was that wanted the ham. If you are the person who wanted this ham, please let me know so I can get it to you. If you aren’t the person who wanted this ham, but you’d like one anyway, please let me know because I need to make room for all the pork that is coming our way this week. I don’t want to bury this ham behind all the new pork and have it sit longer.

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