The baby watch has started!

We have a couple of our momma pigs in the barn who are VERY pregnant. We’ve been watching them for the past few weeks and nada. But this morning when Miguel opened the barn to let them out for their daily stroll, we found this.

Momma pig, in labor
Momma didn’t want to come out and play this morning

This is one of our Chester White/Old Spot crosses. She weighs over 400 pounds, to give you a sense of scale here. She is currently in labor and we’ll be checking her every hour or so today till she starts popping out babies. Time permitting I’ll try to keep everyone updated on the progress.

Momma pig, very pregnant
She’s more than ready to pop at this point

This was a few minutes later. She’ll keep moving around trying to get comfortable, which any momma out there will tell you isn’t possible at this point. That’s cantaloupe from dinner last night just in front of her.

I’ll pass along any well wishes to her as I check on her. She doesn’t need any help, but the babies sometimes need a bit of help getting to where they can nurse and stay warm next to mom so I’ll be checking them to make sure they are ok. Hopefully by this afternoon we’ll have a new litter of pigs, and of course some cute pictures.

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