Back to the main pasture with the cows and a stupid calf

Today the cows move out of the front pasture and into the main pasture again. They still have not completed the loop as the have their overwinter pasture to go through before they get to where they started.

Art, lost as usual.
Art, lost as usual.

Todays move is one of the trickier moves because I have to move the cows through the barnyard which opens lots of areas for them to take a wrong turn and get adventurous, especially moving them single-handed as I was this morning. Fortunately I has a box of sweet corn husks to entice the cows with and moved them without a hitch, mostly. While the cows are fairly easy to move, young calves, not so much. Hence the above picture of Art. He’s our winter baby, born just before the snow. And like most kids, he’s kinda stupid. Always turning the wrong way, running when he should walk, left instead of right. This morning was no exception. Art watched every cow in the herd quietly walk through the gate into the new pasture, then turned around and went back into the old pasture. After getting him out of there, I took him two laps around the barnyard and finally got him into our corral where I locked him in so he couldn’t get back to the barnyard and opened the gate to the pasture where the cows are. 15 minutes later he was still standing in the tiny paddock and not about to find the one and only way out. His buddies Birdie and 37, who are both younger, were standing on the other side of the open gate quietly mocking him.

Ahh spring calves. They are exceptionally cute but stupid till about summer.

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