Bacon update


So the bacon continues to do well. This isn’t even all of it. Some is behind me in the cooler. The salt is pulling out more and more moisture, which I drain off every day. I resalted part of the bacon Monday evening with the pink salt mix and plan on hitting it again with just regular kosher salt. I was worried with this blast of fall heat we are having that it would be too warm to smoke the bacon but it looks like we will be fine as there are some days where the lows are in the 40s next week! Winter time, here we come!

So the cure will be in place till about Tuesday, then we will wash and dry the bacon with water and just plain paper towels. Then back into the cooler for the night and into the smoker in the morning early. After a couple of hours of smoke, it’ll be back in the cooler then off to work, after some breakfast bacon, of course.

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