This business is all about my girls. IMG_3369.JPG

SWMBO and I feel that it’s important for kids to learn to work. To learn business, risk, failure, profit and loss, and customer service. We operate our farm business to give these opportunities to our kids, boys and girls alike. In looking at opportunities for the girls, we decided that a simple bakery would be great for learning all sides of the business.

For now, we operate out of a rented commercial kitchen while we are getting our home based bakery business license. That required we remodel our kitchen (That is our old kitchen pictured above).

On Saturday’s the girls have fresh baked cookies and poppy seed cake for our customers.  The cookies are usually chocolate chip and the poppy seed cake is a famous recipe that we received as a wedding gift from our great friends Ernie and Carol (Hi guys!). I don’t know what else we got for a wedding present, but I know about that recipe!

Everything is baked under adult supervision and learning about cleanliness, having food unadulterated, etc. is part of why we have the bakery so you can feel safe in what is produced. As time goes on, and the girls get older, we hope to expand our offerings into more traditional breads but for now plan on getting a cookie on Saturdays.