Beef is back in stock, and what is coming

Thanks to Jeanette who continues to come in on her off days and do all the work to make things happen. And to Wasim at our beef processor who managed to get our cow processed in record time, we have the freezers stocked with beef again.

I don’t have any cute pics or anything current to show you. Just know that hamburger, steaks, roasts, etc are back in stock.

On another note, I’m starting to see things turn back towards normal. Yes, we are gonna sell out of beef again. But take a look at one of our web statistics.

This is our 30 day trend

This downward trend in our web site traffic goes back to even higher numbers over the past few months. Things are slowing down. People are less freaked out. I think we’ll be back to normal in another 30 days or so, at least in our little store.

Here is another look, from a different platform, for our traffic over 90 days instead of 30. 90 days would put us pre-COVID craziness. It validates what I was thinking.

Website traffic over the last 90 days

There is some noise in that data because it starts at zero. That isn’t entirely accurate as we weren’t measuring then but you can see that they current web traffic is pretty identical to where it was 90 days ago. That was a massive hump in the middle when you consider that we are already a page one result so we get a good bit of web traffic already. With restaurants opening back up, and people able to get everything, even toilet paper occasionally, at the store, we should be back to a more normal demand level pretty soon. Sure, we have a lot of new customers from all this, but I expect we’ll see normal stock levels in the store by the end of July. Chicken is back and that helps a lot. Pork we have on hand, either ours or someone elses. Once beef calms down things will be more like what we are used to.

During all this COVID mess, we ramped up like crazy on cleaning the store, finding alternate processors for our animals, and making sure everything was communicated as quickly and clearly as possible. What we didn’t do was go process a bunch of animals to capture demand now and shortchange us later when we run out. We didn’t change who we were or what we do. I predicted this chart above early into this thing, and we held the course during all of it. This thing will go away and we’ll still be here doing what we do, producing grass finished beef and quality pork, and bringing in other farmers who we know and trust.

Regulars make a business successful, not panic buyers who all want 1/2 of a cow.

We’ll be glad to see you when you stop by.

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