Beef supplies are getting low

Empty freezer
The freezer is starting to look sad

I just updated the beef page with what is in stock and what is out of stock. We are effectively in stock on almost everything but we only have a few pieces of each cut left, except for hamburger which we have plenty of. Check your freezers to see if you are getting low and let me know what you need before we run out completely.

We have some cows that may be close to finishing. I normally don’t finish in the winter but the cows look so good right now we may go ahead and finish one just to help the sad freezer out and to see what a winter finished cow is like. I’d have already made that decision but in all my moving in and cleaning up, I’ve misplaced my cow record book and I can’t look up to see the age of the cow that needs to go. Miguel thinks the cow is about 2 years old and he’s usually right on these things. I frankly don’t remember but I’d really like to see the record before I make the decision. I’ll keep looking. The problem is I filed the record book “somewhere safe” which means I’m never going to find it!

On the pork front, we just took three pigs to the processor so even though our pork freezer looks pretty sad as well, it will be bulging by the end of the week. Until we can get a cow processed, it may be pork chops and carnitas for everyone. 🙂

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