Benjamin takes a mud bath

Benjamin must be having trouble with the ladies because he decided to get a mud facial this morning. We have some exposed dirt where we trenched a water line to the pigs earlier this year. I don’t know what it is about cows and dirt but they love to rub it all over their face, especially bulls. Benjamin is no exception.

The cows are eating marvelous grass now, but it’s the last graze of the season. Next week I will be going to get the first loads of hay and in a few weeks that’s all we will have for them to eat besides what comes from the market. The cows look wonderful and this years grazing has put the pounds on them. We will be taking 4 to be processed in about a month taking our winter stock down to 27. That’s a few more than last winter but I may end up selling another cow or two along the way. Fortunately our numbers have come up enough to cull effectively now so we can continue to enhance our bloodlines. Benjamin’s calves are noticeably bigger than our normal calves at the same age. Having his genetics in the herd is going to be a good thing.

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