Bone broth supplies are on sale

For the next two weeks we are having a sale on pork and beef bones. 15% off all bones. All you have to do is ask about the sale at checkout from now till September 20th.

Fall is around the corner, and the cool weather has certainly gotten my attention. It’s time to get back in the kitchen after the summers heat and start cooking again. Nothing makes everything come out better like homemade bone broth and homemade stock. It’s easier than you think and 10 times better than you realize. Stop by and stock up before the CFSA farm tour crowd hits and wipes us out of whatever is left.

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  1. How much would 4 pounds of beef bones be? I am leaving town this weekend so I need to get some before I go!! And I apologize if this info is on the site somewhere. I’m still learning to navigate around here.

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