Bonus pigs on the farm

We purchased 12 pigs from a farmer friend of our a few months ago. They were mostly grown but not yet finished. We purchase feeder pigs from them as well so it worked out well to grab these other pigs at the same time. The pigs were cut (castrated) males and unbred gilts (girls who have never had babies). They were being bred for meat so we put them in their own paddock and finished them out.

Yesterday I posted that we’d taken the first two pigs to the processor. They were loaded in full sight of all the other pigs and we may have mentioned where they were headed in front of the other pigs. This has some bearing on the rest of this story but first let me share another story.

A few years back, we were processing extra roosters. The chickens are the domain of SWMBO and all I was in charge of was processing. I do next to nothing with the chickens except get bloody. Picking which chickens were actually roosters and should go and which were chickens and should stay was all up to darling Mrs. and she picked the offending roosters out, placed them in a box, and stacked them there for me to deal with as I could. She them promptly went back to the house and left me to it. I began my day working through roosters and had most of them done before I was called away for a few minutes. When I returned and grabbed the next chicken, I found an egg in the box with the “rooster”. I called the chicken whisperer back to the barn and had her explain how this “rooster” had squeezed out an egg. We had quite a chuckle over how hard the rooster had to work to become a chicken to avoid the axe.

Now back to our pigs. 12 pigs, all slated to go to the processor this month and next. Suddenly we have this.

Cute piglets
Surprise piglets, born December of 2014

Hmm, seems to be immaculate conception.

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