Cattle with incomplete records, #83, #85, #96

In going through all the recent cow records, I have a number of new calves that have incomplete records. These may have been retagged, born and I didn’t get notice, or most likely born, I got notice, but didn’t get it recorded.

That’s never a problem as I can always go back and look through my texts for these births, except I can’t find any of these numbers in my texts for having been born. This post is to put a record in place for these missing calves. As we work them next time, we’ll get more information and fill in the rest of the info.

#83 weighed 594 lbs on 2-28-18 meaning he/she is probably about a year old.

#96 only weighed 279 so probably less than six months old.

#85 weighed 363 so probably about six months old.

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