Check out the cool eggs we got in

Spork holding quail eggs
Spork doing his Vanna White impression

One of our farmer friends dropped off some surprises for us today. We have quail eggs and guinea hen eggs in the fridge for your cooking pleasure.

I asked what they were used for. Guinea hen eggs are supposed to be awesome for baking and can be used just like regular eggs. A fact that my Google-Fu quickly confirmed.

Quail eggs
Quail eggs, ready to go.

So what about the quail eggs?

Seems they are awesome for something different. They taste normal but because they are so small and cute, they are best for garnish and as a topper, such as on top of a salad. Ready to wow your in-laws or amaze your kids this weekend? These things are the deal.

Eggs ready to be sold
Eggs ready to be sold

I only have a few of each so speak up if you want me to hold them for you.

I also have regular chicken eggs in the fridge if you want them, and of course all the meat you could ask for. I’m around most of today and all this weekend so if you want to come out and stock up, drop me a line. Next week is going to be tough so it’s better to get with me sooner rather than later.


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