So the little red truck that I have on the farm was loaded up and taken to paint this past weekend. It’s expected to be about a month before it’s done. I had to get it painted because:

1. It was only primered red and it needs paint. Primer sucks up moisture and these old trucks rust like nobody’s business. Therefor if I want to have a truck long term I need to get that protective paint on it.

2. It will look better painted. Not that I am overly concerned with my looks but if you are going to tool around in an old truck it should look decent. Having actual paint should make quite a difference in how the truck looks.

3. SWMBO didn’t ask how much it costs to paint a truck. If she’s not asking then I figure my budget must be available.

4. The real reason I am getting it painted is that our beautiful and smart baby sitter who has babysat for us since she was 12 is getting married in March and she wants to drive away from the ceremony in my truck. I couldn’t put off painting the truck any longer knowing she would be in it on her wedding day. So out came the interior and pretty much anything that wasn’t bolted down was put into storage and a stripped shell of a truck was loaded onto the trailer and taken to Ignacio for refit and paint. That’s where this picture was taken. That’s me driving, just off camera is the trailer I am about to load onto. For those of you that don’t know me. I am 6’5″ and you can see I am barely looking over the steering wheel because there are no seats. Miguel said I looked like a cholo with my “lowered” truck.

The truck is being sand blasted back to bare metal then fixed back up to hopefully look like new. Oh, and the little red truck won’t be red anymore. It’s going to be teal, the color of the wedding. I will post update pics as I have them.

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