Christmas lunch for the cows

Today Miguel has the day off so I was left unsupervised on the farm. El Jefe with no oversight is a dangerous thing.
I fed all the pigs, then I made up a couple of pallets for the cows. The first one had grapes, papaya, and watermelon along with some cabbage and various greens.

IMG_3080.JPGI then made up a second pallet with mangos and pumpkins. The cows couldn’t decide what to eat first, and they were still full from the bale of hay from earlier. They looked pretty happy when I left.

I also checked in on the little pigs who were sick. They all looked good except the spotted one, the one that is not 34 is coughing a bit. Looks like he needs a follow up shot.

There was also a cougher out in the main paddock. I didn’t see who but we will find him and get him treated.

I fed the little pigs in the barn a case of papaya, which they loved. I also fed them two bunches of really nice bananas. They should be passed out by now, feet up in the air.

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