Come take a tour, bring the kids

Cute girl on the farm
Cuteness overload after a farm tour

We give a lot of tours here on our farm. Sometimes to large groups, sometimes to just a single family. One thing we get a lot of is kids.

I always try to make the tour fun for the kids while informing mom and dad about our farm and what we do. On the day this was taken, we’d received in a pallet of grapes that had nothing wrong with them. As we headed out for the tour, while I was getting some food to feed the cows I grabbed a bunch of grapes  and handed them to the kids so they’d be entertained during the tour.

Just as we were finishing the tour, I was able to capture this picture which pretty much summed up the whole tour. Sticky, happy, grapes still clutched in one hand, flowers in the other picked from the pasture. I’m sure she slept all the way home but at this point she was wide open and too cute.

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