Congratulations, you’ve crashed our server!

Weightlifter being crushed by weight
Our poor web server

Earlier this week, we had our server go down temporarily. I called our hosting company and after 15 minutes on the phone they said, “Meh”

I was displeased.

They said we probably had too much traffic and that caused the problem? Really? For our dinky little farm site, you server couldn’t handle it? Yeah right. We’re on a shared hosting server. Probably somebody hosting a porn site and brought down the whole server but they don’t want to admit it.

Today, our weekly newsletter went out at 8am, as scheduled. At 8:05 the server went down, HARD. I hopped into the management panel and all the measurements were spiked past the red. Unlike Spinal Tap, hosting servers don’t go to 11. They stop hard at 10. Oops, maybe that guy was right. I quickly upgraded our server and within a minute all the measurements were back down in the green and things were running smoothly. Oops, I guess the first tech support guy was right. I owe him an apology.

I’d already called tech support this morning as I was logging in and upgrading and this guy took some time to go over some usage statistics with me. He ended by congratulating me, saying that I’d accomplished something he rarely sees, driving this much traffic to a small site like ours. He said if we blow it up again, that we could upgrade again and take care of it. He also said if I blew up the server again with that much traffic, I should be proud.

Heck, now I’m trying to blow the stupid thing up. What is wrong with me? I’ve definitely gone over to the nerd dark side.

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