Cookies made by the girls

With the colder weather, the girls have gotten back into making their famous cookies. Just in time for me to have to go onto a post holidays diet. Ugh!

I’ve been pretty slack about advertising the cookies. Partly because we’ve had a few Saturdays (they only make them on Saturdays) that the girls haven’t been home, or something went wrong, so there were no cookies. But we are back in a groove and I finally was able to get some pics.

The Princess mixing the cookie dough
The Princess mixing the cookie dough

When I tell people we have home made cookies. I mean it. The girls get up on Saturday mornings and start with flour, sugar, fancy chocolate chips, etc and make true home made cookies. It is their little side business that they do. Well, and making scarves, and hats, and whatever else the dream up. But cookies were first. The cookie sales are independent of the store, they sell them directly. At this point I don’t make them buy ingredients so it is VERY much like a lemonade stand. Plus, if nobody buys any, somebody has to eat all those cookies, right? Guess who that is. It is a pretty sweet deal for the girls (pun intended).

You’ll note that the girls are strategically cropped out of the photos. That is because we have reached a milestone of tween girls. I went from this being funny and no problem to post.

Crazy bed head
The Princess, first thing in the morning, with crazy bed head.

To dad! Don’t take my picture, I haven’t brushed my hair. And don’t you DARE put this on your internet thing! Ahh, girls.

Cookies, ready for sale
Cookies, ready for sale

But I have to admit, the girls baking skills have improved and they need pretty much no hand holding at this point. They get up on their own, make the cookie dough, bake them, pull them cookies and let them cool, wrap them, and bring them to the store, pretty much by themselves. They also wash their hands, put their hair back, and more importantly, remind me to do the same if I get near their work. (Putting my hair back is another story).

This batch of cookies came out a bit flat, which is exactly how I like them. It pained me to not eat them, to me they were perfect.

This coming Saturday, they will probably be fluffy like they are supposed to be because I won’t be helping. Regardless, grab a cookie when you come by. They are $1.00 and go directly to support Barbie dolls, Legos, and stuffed animals.

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