Cookies, steaks, and everything else

Cookie bowl and implements
Just in time to lick the spoon

Today we are short staffed. Spork and the Princess have taken off with SWMBO to go to a practice tournament for public speaking. Yes there are tournaments for these things. No I had no idea.

So that leaves the wee one and I home alone to mind the store. This means I’ll be doing the tours today while my youngest daughter and Crystal will be running the store. That meant I was tasked with helping with the cookies this morning.

The last time I helped her with cookies, I had to explain teaspoon vs tablespoon and whatnot. This time I watched her flawlessly perform the steps, adding the wet and dry ingredients in the proper order, creaming the butter to the exact perfect consistency all while singing along with the music and only really paying attention to me to keep me from messing something up. 10 years old and a professional baker. But I guess she does have several years experience at this point so why am I surprised.

So we’ll have cookies in the store today, fresh baked as always. We also have new items like hot dogs and breakfast pork chops from a new processor. In fact, we have everything you could think of including steaks from the cow I just picked up. I’ve spent the past week doing nothing but driving. Dropping off a cow here, picking up bacon there. It has been nearly every day for the past 7 days of so. The freezers are stuffed to the gills with pork chops, bacon, steaks, hamburger, etc. Everything is here and ready for your new post Thanksgiving diet. You did finish the pie by now, right?

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