Copperhead snake!

Dead copperhead
The best kind of copperhead snake

Every once in a while we’ll have someone come out to the farm and bring their kids and the following happens.

The kids are excited and running about, the moms are chatting, when suddenly the mom will whirl on me and ask, “There aren’t any (ticks, snakes, dangerous critters, etc) are there?!”

“Um, yeah. It’s a farm. We have all those things. Outdoors is where critters live.”

However this year, I’d not seen something I usually see a few times a year which is a copperhead snake dead on our road. I really hadn’t even thought about it until I passed the guy pictured above after our CFSA farm tour weekend. I guess all the traffic was just too much for him and he didn’t make it across the road, which didn’t hurt my feelings any. I don’t actively search out snakes, but I don’t lament their passing either. Especially poisonous guys like this one. Score one for our customers.

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