Cow #54 has a new little girl, #80

#54 has a calf #80
Our newest little girl. Mom is looking on, checking on her.

We have a new girl on the farm. Last week #54 had a pretty little girl calf.

This was a big deal because this was #54’s first calf. Miguel pointed out she was in labor that morning and I walked over to check on her.

#54 during delivery
In labor, about 20 minutes before delivery

This is what I found. She was completely non-plussed. She was apart from everyone else and just walking around like nothing was going on. The rest of the herd was curious as to what I was doing so they followed me which then crowded her. She looked ok so I walked back and told Miguel she had a few hours to go. You know, with my massive experience as a mid-wife, I could totally tell.

So about 15 minutes after I got back Miguel texts me that the calf had been born and was already nursing. Looks like I need another career. The mid-wife thing isn’t going to work out.

So when you come for a tour, ask about the new little girl we have hanging around. She is a cutie.

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