How CSA pickups will work, the logistics

Wednesday are going to be the days we handle CSA drop offs and pickups. Our plan is to utilize boxes that are pre-prepared for each customer by Chickadee. They will swing by sometime on Wednesday, prior to our opening at 2pm, and drop off the boxes of fresh produce. By fresh, I mean picked that morning. Each box will be named for each customer.

We will store the boxes in our climate controlled store room, or if it’s too hot, in our walk in cooler to keep everything fresh.

In addition to the boxes of produce, Chickadee will often, but not always, bring some extra produce. This will allow the CSA customer to mix and match their box of produce a bit to suit their needs and preferences. For example, maybe, like me, you don’t like beets (because they are evil). Or maybe, like my wife SWMBO, you think beets are the greatest thing ever (because she, follow the logic here, is obviously evil).

Chickadee will have some extra produce available so that maybe you put back your beets, as any sane person would, but pick up some extra spinach because, yum, spinach salad!. You still get a great box of fresh produce, but you don’t necessarily get locked into that one…weird…vegetable/fruit/thing. 

What is kholrabi anyway? Is it a vegetable? A fruit? An alien construct? I’ll take a tomato sandwich, with a side of hamburger, thank you very much.

There are only a few spots left for the Spring CSA. If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time! Once the last spot is sold, that is it till the fall CSA.

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