Why dads aren’t allowed to dress children

There is SNOW on the ground!

Spork and I had to run the farm since everyone else couldn’t get here. But the girls, they were free to go sledding to their heart’s content. As Spork and I were coming in to get something from the house after the first round of feeding critters, the girls were gearing up and heading out. As we all met in the middle at the front door, the kids all got together and were joking around. I grabbed a quick picture.

Kids in crazy winter hats
A pack of crazy

All three are wearing something weird on their heads. Spork is wearing my blaze orange fedora, the one with ear covers for when it’s cold.

The Princess is wearing a crazy mohawk toboggan thing complete with fluffy dangly bits. I bought this for her. I think it was supposed to be like a roman helmet.

Wildflower is wearing a bearded viking hat. Yes, you read that correctly. Here is what it looks like.

Yes, of course I bought this one too.

Now in my defense, I did not dress these kids. They did this all on their own. I may have…enabled them. But that’s not quite the same. 

But as I look at this picture, I notice a bit of contrast. 

Here is a better shot. 

Here is a mother’s handiwork. Matching clothes. Perfect light. Hair fixed. Cute.

Kids in crazy winter hats

And here is a fathers work. Exactly the same order as the picture in the background. Completely crazy. Completely lovable.

However, this is evidence why fathers are not supposed to handle dressing the kids.

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