Does anybody need raw milk?

Bottle and glass of milk

Not too long ago we were milking our Jersey cow, getting fresh milk every day that we used for our family and our neighbors family. For various reasons, we sold off our milk cow and got out of the milking business. Recently we’ve revisited the idea of having a milk cow and it looks like we could not only have a cow(s) but we could also have milk for sale in our store.

Of course, the milk will be labeled not for human consumption, pet food only as is the law in North Carolina. How you feed it to your goldfish is up to you. I don’t really understand that part but I do understand being compliant with the law.

We haven’t gone out and purchased new milk cows yet so really this is a question to you, our customers, that I’d really appreciate you feedback┬áin the comments.

1. Would you like us to have and to sell raw milk in our store?

2. How many gallons per week would you think you would want. If you only want a gallon here or there, just average it out over the year. 1/8 of a gallon is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Again, please let me know in the comments section. We are set up in the store to have room for milk (planning ahead!), and we still have our milking parlor, milking equipment, etc. All we need is to go pick up some good cows and we are ready to go so this is really just to gauge interest and plan for what we’ll do.

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