Don’t let the rain fool you

It’s a great day to visit the farm. We have Alarita here with samples of their products. 

With the rain, lack of pettable piglets, and general normalcy it hasn’t been non-stop people. The girls, never to be bored, decided to go get a game to play. This is what they came up with. 

Girls playing apples to apples with Alarita
Crystal dealing out the next hand of Apples to Apples

I know I probably played it at some point but I don’t really remember how it works. However with Alarita here, it must be a hoot because I can hear them screaming with laughter in between customers and it’s big smiles all around when I get into the store. You never really know how it will go with vendors in the store but I can say that between how good the products are and how good the people are, Alarita will always be welcome at our store.

I know this post is late in the day. While the girls were a bit bored, I certainly haven’t been. But we are open till 5pm so if you can stop by, it’s a great day to visit and stock up. We still have father’s days baskets available as well.

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