Dottie, our milk cow, is being bred back, again, again.

For the last two days when we’ve gone out to get Dottie for her mornings milking, there has been Barry White playing as we pull up. Dottie is in heat again and Benjamin is definitely on the job. Since Benjamin is a force of nature and is currently thinking with the little brain only, we decided to just leave Dottie and Benjamin in the pasture to consummate their relationship. Dottie had been giving little milk already the preceding few days and we were already out of milk at our house so giving up two mornings milkings wasn’t exactly a treat. Especially since we had to get up, get the milking equipment prepped and ready, open up the barn, then find out we weren’t milking.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to milk.

Hopefully Ben’s work will take this time and we’ll have a little calf next May.

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